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Absolutely amazing I called and within an hour he was there. He was done in like 30 minutes. Very knowledgeable and experience knows exactly what he’s doing. Definitely will be using in the near future. Will be recommending Him to all my friends and family.

CALLED Bill on a Thursday, quoted me Friday and my garage door was repaired by Monday morning! Very prompt and pleasant to work with.
Paul Geers

We called in the Garage door repair 911 in the morning and Bill came out by noon and had our door fixed in an hour. He was polite and professional and was very reasonable in price. I would definitely use them again or recommend to a friend!

Elizabeth Koenig

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my garage door open?

This is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of malfunctioning parts, but it usually comes down to one of the counterbalance mechanisms, like the spring. Call a professional right away if you think you have a spring problem at your home or place of business.

Why does my door open a few inches, then close again?

A garage door will only not close if it has bad safety sensor, The garage door will always go up with bad safety sensors. Most of the time the reason for the door will not open would be a broken spring or the cables have come off or the door has come off track. Garage Door Repair 911 can diagnose the bad sensors and repair or replace them ensuring complete opening and closing.

Why doesn't my garage door opener work?

While it might be a dead battery in the remote, garage door opener malfunctions can sometimes be caused by a motor problem. Contact Garage Door Repair 911 to schedule troubleshooting and repair services if your garage door opener stops working.

Do I really need to replace my whole garage door?

Most of the time, no. In most cases, if only a single section of your garage door is broken or damaged, only that section will need to be replaced. The experts at Garage Door Repair 911 know exactly when you need a full replacement or a single repair.

Is it safe for me to repair the door myself?

Your garage door is a heavy piece of equipment, and it can cause serious property damage or injury if it falls. It’s always safer to turn to a qualified professional when you have garage door problems.

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