Don't put off garage door repair in Cincinnati, OH

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As soon as you suspect a problem with your garage door, get in touch with Garage Door Repair 911. We'll take care of the garage door repairs you need so you don't have to worry. You can depend on us to get your home garage door working again.

We can work on:

  • Replacing garage door springs
  • Putting garage doors back on their tracks
  • Fixing garage door openers and remotes
  • Adding insulation and weather seals
  • Repairing tracks, rollers, drums and cables

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You Have Questions-We Have Answers

Why won't my garage door open?

This is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of malfunctioning parts, but it usually comes down to one of the counterbalance mechanisms, like the spring. Call a professional right away if you think you have a spring problem at your home or place of business.

Why does my door open a few inches, then close again?

Most garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that reverse the door if anything is in the way while the door is closing. You can probably tell if the sensor is being blocked by a rake handle or spiderweb and easily fix the problem by removing the obstruction. But sometimes this is caused by a misaligned sensor, which is a job for the experts.

Why doesn't my garage door opener work?

While it might be a dead battery, garage door opener malfunctions can sometimes be caused by a motor problem. Contact Garage Door Repair 911 to schedule troubleshooting and repair services if your garage door opener stops working.

Do I really need to replace my whole garage door?

Oftentimes, no. In most cases, if only a single section of your garage door is broken or damaged, only that section will need to be replaced. The experts at Garage Door Repair 911 know exactly when you need a full replacement or a single repair.

Is it safe for me to repair the door myself?

Your garage door is a heavy piece of equipment, and it can cause serious property damage or injury if it falls. It's always safer to turn to a qualified professional when you have garage door problems.

The Garage Door Repair 911 team is available 24/7. Do you have garage door issues? Call 513-767-8028 now to get the help you need, when you need it.

Leave garage door spring repair to the professionals

Garage door spring repair is not a DIY job. Without the right training and tools, you could risk injury and property damage trying to repair your garage door spring yourself. Get in touch with a garage door company to take care of spring repair and replacement.

Contact us today to discuss the garage door spring repair you need in Cincinnati, OH.